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Ngarua Technologies
Since 2006, Ngarua Technologies has been delivering projects to customers, including Sun Microsystems, 3Di Japan and the University of Otago. Ngarua works with customers who have specialised R&D requirements in the area of high-performance networking and multicore application development. Ngarua provides custom software and algorithm development across most common multicore architectures.  Optimising software and developing appropriate algorithms is the key to realise the performance benefits of the underlying multicore hardware.  []
Cilk Arts
The Cilk++ cross-platform solution offers the easiest, quickest, and most reliable way to maximize application performance on multicore processors. Cilk++ provides a simple set of extensions for C++, coupled with a powerful runtime system for multicore-enabled applications. Cilk++ enables rapid development, testing, and deployment of high performance multicore applications.  []
PluralityPlurality develops advanced Intellectual Property, semiconductors and acceleration boards for massively-parallel processing. The company’s flagship HyperCore™ manycore processor is positioned as a general-purpose accelerator for multicore/manycore SoCs. The space-saving, energy-efficient processor delivers the highest performance at the lowest cost per watt per square millimeter of any currently available chip-level shared memory machine. HyperCore’s unique task-oriented programming model simplifies parallel code compilation, while its unique hardware-based synchronizer/scheduler delivers scalable performance with nearly linear speedup.  []